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The Superior General: Biography

Brother Jes˙s ETAYO ARRONDO, O.H.


He was born on May 26, 1958 at Fusti˝ana, Navarre (Spain).


After leaving the Apostolic School at Zaragoza, he began his Postulancy in September 1974 at Sant Boi de Llobregat (Barcelona). He entered the Novitiate at Carabanchel Alto (Madrid) in September 1975 where he made his temporary profession on September 29, 1977. On October 12, 1983 he made his solemn profession in Zaragoza and on September 21, 1985 he was ordained priest in his home town.


He gained his diploma in Nursing (1980) and studied Theology, specialising in Consecrated Life (1980-1988), obtaining a postgraduate degree in the Pastoral Care of the Sick (2002) and graduating with the European Master of Bioethics degree (2004).


He has exercised Hospitality as Formation Master at the Apostolic School, Head of the Prepostulantancy, and Master of Novices and Scholastics. He has worked in the field of Social and Health Pastoral Care in various centres in his home Province of St Raphael, Aragon.


He has served as Provincial Council for several periods, and as Provincial Superior from 1995 to 2001.


At the 66th General Chapter in 2006 he was elected Second General Councillor, and on November 1, 2012 he was elected Superior General of the Order at the 68th General Chapter in Fatima (Portugal).


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